Octopus Deploy and Epicor

Is anyone using Octopus Deploy for any component of Epicor deployments? We use git repositories to manage exported custom work and management has asked if we can automate any portions of this process with our Octopus Deploy tool. I’m not aware of any great ways to plug in now, but I’m just curious to see if anyone else has gone down this path with this particular tool.

I wanted to also mention that I’ve done work in the past to automate deployments on commits to named branches through Azure DevOps CICD for external customization DLLs for Epicor, but my inquiry is specific to Octopus Deploy and things like internal customization, BAQ, BPM definitions.

It sound like the answer to my question is:
Use solution exports for everything, and any CI/CT/CD can be executed in the command line interface for the solution.exe program available in the client folder.

I believe that @josecgomez was using solution.exe to install from the command line. You would build a solution as an artifact and then use OD to install it.

If you haven’t already voted for Epicor DevOps… I have lots of ideas on this but trying to get more interest.

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Thank you, I will ping @josecgomez for details!