Off topic: Exchange 5.5


We sent out a email to all employees stating that :

1) All email coming into or going out of the company belongs to the company
2) Email is NOT private - the company reserves the right to monitor all
3) No personal email is allowed

When most of the employees choose to ignore the policy we had the following
choices :

1) Write up or fire the offending employees
2) Ask them REAL nice to stop it ( already did that )
3) Just block the connections and don't say anything - if they raise a
stink goto step 1 ...

What amazes me is the people who don't take the hint ... subtlety is a lost
art ...

Todd Anderson
J. Rubin & Co.

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You could block the sender from the recipient(s). If you know who is
getting these files, send yourself a copy of their mail in the
Delivery Options for that mailbox. Find out who the sender is and
block him/her completely. If they're sending large mpegs, they can't
be sending anything too useful.

Having a user wonder why they are no longer getting mail from someone
is almost as fun as administering regular beatings.