Off Topic - Proxy and Real Audio

I had the same problem with real audio when I first got the proxy server
running. Boy, do people get upset when you take away their tunes!
If you look on Microsoft's website and on Real Audio's they have fair
instructions on how to get your ports configured to get real audio.
Just get print screens of what you changed incase it doesn't work you
can at least put them back to what they are supposed to be.
Here is a link to the instructions on the Real Audio site. I can't find
my Microsoft instructions. I don't think they differed much.

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Erik said:
We're using MS Proxy and a hardware firewall/router on a DSL. The only
problems I have had so far are connecting to time servers and bringing
in streaming Real Audio/Video...not major issues.
MS Proxy is OK if you don't mind reading through log files for a breach.
Other software firewalls will display alerts or even shutdown your
connection to the Internet if a hack attempt has been made on your
network. With MS Proxy, you'll read about it in the log files once it is
too late.
Proxy will track all Internet traffic on your network by NT username.
The log files are nice to see who is going where on the Internet.
Proxy is not bad if you don't mind reading log files.
I think its pretty easy to use and configure. If you're planning on
running in-house web servers and/or Exchange with web access, go with
something more powerful, plus a hardware firewall.