Old men ranting about moving their cheese


Why must they go renaming the things… I mean we are all gonna call it Azure AD for ever more… Resistance is futile!


This reminds me of the old “lipstick on a farm animal” phrase…

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This ERP I use everyday, I still call it “Epicor” and not Kinetic. I don’t know if I’ll ever adapt.


You mean Vantage?

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OK, boomer, I’m not that old.

Well, actually I am, I just was in basic training (but not a teenager) the last time Vantage was sold.

Per Wikipedia, I am not a Millennial, and I prefer their definition because of that. Sorry to you young kids on here.

But in Vantage we could…

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I’m a leading-edge Gen-X g****it

(Technically Generation Jones - Wikipedia - try to keep up with us.)

Trailing here. We’re supposed to be running the world right now. WTH happened?

Millennials came along and called you a boomer, then they ran the world made it better and ya’ll just assimilated :yum:

Now… Gen Z and Gen Alpha… deity help us all! (unfortunately that is also Millenials fault… :zipper_mouth_face: #Sorry)

You think Millennials are running the world? Oh you poor thing. The Boomers still are.

Sadly you are right, if we were well things wouldn’t be this bad… but… walks away from potential political waters :rofl:

A little thread split was in order.

No good cheese moving gifs :frowning_face:

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I think that’s you.

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I might leave the top post with the original thread - it actually was related. :person_shrugging:

Everything else, well:

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I think we need to award the dumpster fire badge to @josecgomez .

The time has come.

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