Open part screen from external app

we have an external app, written in c#, which has a list of part numbers in epicor 10, is it possible to click on the part number and then have code which opens the part screen in epicor with that part number.
I can edit the config file and add a section and then launch the epicor.exe, but that launches per part clicked, i would prefer to just change the part number on the part screen.

any help would be appricated.

My first idea (which usually aren’t the best), would be to setup EWA, and then present it in a browser window in a form. Your external app might be able to drill down into the HTML and set the control for the partnumber, in the form presented.

Same here… (…usually aren’t the best…) I usually have multiple plans to solve an issue…

Interesting issue… here is my 2 cents…

Plan B: How about working it differently, Within Epicor, having a Dashboard with an External BAQ getting data from your external app database?


Plan C: Your External app Launching a UD form once, (as you indicated you could do… ) and passing as a parameter the List of all your partnum you want to look at… Then within that form you could list them in a grid…?

(In both of those you would need to configure a column same as Part.PartNum in order the right click to work…


Erwin - sounds like you are creating / updating the Shortcut section of the Client Sysconfig file. Why not pass all the Part IDs from the external application via the Shortcut instead of just one?

That also sounds much like you are wanting to replicate the Open With context functionality. Within Epicor that functions as exactly what you want have a dashboard with the list of parts and the first time the users performs an open with it opens the part form with the selected part. Clicking on another record in the dashboard changes the data in the part form.

Sadly I have no idea (code wise) how you would do that from and external app, but perhaps the answer is something like @Rich mentioned pass all the data in or maybe pass the data into a dashboard perform and initial simulated open with click , then problematically change the focus of the record in the dashboard/collection that is linked to the part from from the initial open with, I’m not sure how the publish/subscribe bit works behind the scenes.

I’ve found Publish and Subscribe hard to get working except in Epicor-approved ways, but we do use a workaround to change what’s on a screen. The external component can usually set the Epicor form “tag” property to some arbitrary string, which could be your partnum. Then you can put a check for a change tied to the form activation event so it will update when they click on it and only if they do.

The external app holds offline details of thousands of parts so I wouldn’t want to pass through a list of all of them. Hally is correct I am looking to replicate the Open With functionality. Maybe the EWA is an approach I should investigate.

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