Open with, inventory transfer, crash on part number change

So I’ve lived with this for a while, and maybe someone has an idea that can help fix it.

I have lots of inventory/bin location clean up things that I have to do, and I have some dashboards to make it possible to find the stuff that needs to be fixed. One of the things I did to make it go faster was to add to the part context menu, inventory transfer (just for me). For one part, it works great. Right click on the part, make your transfer(s), then close the transfer screen, life is good.

However, if I leave the transfer screen open, then move to a different part number, something gets hung up and epicor locks up when trying to follow the part number change. I have to force close all of Epicor and restart it. Does anyone know a way to make this work?

Does the crash happen if the transfer screen is cleared (the broom icon on the tool bar) after the transfer, but before changing rows on the dashboard?

Maybe add a customization (just for you) to the transfer screen to to clear it after a successful transfer is complete.

It doesn’t crash, but the new part number is not populated into the screen either. That customization idea, while it would prevent the crashing, wouldn’t work with the workflow, as I am often times doing a bunch of transfers on a single part number.

I’m wondering if a clear before the change would do it? The problem is, I can’t get a trace on the change because it crashes…

Edit: so I left the screen open after I cleared, and tried to right click, inventory move, and it locked up again. So I do have to close the screen to use that function.

I’ve made BPM’s that just show messages - just for debugging. If your message shows, you know it gets that far. Plus you can add info from the calling process to the displayed message.

But I need the trace to know where to put it.

I throw a bunch of them all over the place - making sure the message displayed contains the BPM name (and if it’s Pre or Post Proc). It’s not a bona fide method, but it might give you some clues.

EDIT: I always add the condition that the BPM is called by my user, so others don’t see them.

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