OT: ADP Payroll

I am sorry this is going to be pretty off topic, hope you guys done
mind. For those of you out there that use ADP for their payroll
processing, I have a couple of questions. I long for the days when we
were on Vantage Payroll. I am hoping to convince the management to go
back to it but right now I am stuck trying to get some reports out of
ADP. I have both report smith and crystal to do my reporting with. I
just need a simple earnings report, but the way the tables seem to be
set up I am having difficulty getting gross pay. Seems if there are
more than one additional earning codes (such as Holiday and Vacation)
the database table will contain 2 or more records for the check, which
is making it difficult to get gross pay with out it overstated. Any
help or already written report in Crystal or Report Smith would be
appreciated. Does anyone know of a group similar to this for ADP.


Rhonda Reilly
Information Resource Manager
Energy Cranes LLC.
985.893.1879 fax