We do all the calculations we need, including overtime. We are currently
in the midst of adding vacation, bereavement, holidays, and such. These
will be added as Indirect codes in Vantage, and will be included in the ADP
report. I have put these reports on the egroups file list if you care to
look at them.

Right now our payroll person looks over the above report on paper to verify
the calculations, and then adds vacation, holidays, etc. from forms that
various departments send her. These she adds to the "other" ADP software
which she electronically sends them for printing checks.


>From: "Brian Stenglein" <bstenglein@...>
>Subject: [Vantage] Re: ADP
>Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 12:23:32 -0000
>Do you use the report to calculate overtime too or do you have
>another means for doing that?

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