[OT] Crystal Reports question

yes. declare both variables in the subreports as formula fields using the
following syntax

// In this example the variable is a number variable
shared global numberVar XXXX := the value ;

Then create formulas in the main report calling this same variable

// the variable name from subreport 1 in this example
shared global numberVar XXXX;

It's important to place the formula in the report (you can suppress printing if
necessary) or the variables will not work properly.

Crystal help has a pretty good section on variables. I refer to it all the time
as I confuse easily!


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Subject: [Vantage] [OT] Crystal Reports question
Author: <vantage@yahoogroups.com>
Date: 7/9/2002 11:13 AM

Is it possible to pass a variable *back* from a sub-report to the main
report in Crystal? In other words:

Main Report
Sub-Report #1
Resulting Variable #1
Sub-Report #2
Resulting Variable #2
Main Report calculation, using Variables #1 & #2

Thanks in advance.

Malcolm Spann
Malmberg Engineering
(925) 606-6500 x19

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