[OT] Epicor Perspectives 2006

Epicor Perspectives 2006 is 32 weeks from today. If you are considering
attending the conference, you may also wish to consider joining the Epicor
Users Group (http://www.epicorusers.org/ <http://www.epicorusers.org/> ).
As a member of the Epicor Users Group (EUG), you can receive a substantial
discount (it was 30% in 2005) off the general registration fee for each
employee pre-registering for Perspectives.

Scott Lepley (EUG Vantage Liaison)
Systems Administrator
Mauell Corporation
Phone: 717-432-8686, ext. 14
Fax: 717-432-8688
Email: sal@...
Vantage version: 6.10.532

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