[OT] Remote Dial-in Connectivity

For remote access for email (however, we use Lotus not Microsoft) as well as
Vantage access we have used Terminal Server/Citrix Metaframe for the last 4
years. Once configured it is VERY low maintenance.

The only responsibility the sales person has is providing their own ISP( AOL,
Earthlink, DSL, ISDN, etc.).

There are cheaper solutions but since it has proven extremely reliable and is
virtually maintenance free I feel it has a good ROI.

Mike Lowe

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Subject: [Vantage] [OT] Remote Dial-in Connectivity
Author: <vantage@yahoogroups.com>
Date: 9/5/2001 2:16 PM

I know this has been discussed several times but I still don't have a good
handle on what works and what does not. Our sales people are screaming for
a way to dial-in from the road and check email on our Exchange server. They
would also like Vantage access but on a dial line I doubt that would work
very well. Email would be sufficient and maybe being able to use a couple
of Access databases too. A way to use Vantage would be frosting. I have
been trying to get VPN through our firewall working but it has been very
difficult and I need to get something else working sooner.

I am thinking of trying PC Anywhere and having them dial a modem on the
email server. Is anyone using it this way? Does it authenticate the user
as a regular network user? Any chance Vantage will work too? Any other

-Todd Caughey
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.

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