Over Issuing of Job Material - How to stop

Recently upgraded to 10.2.600! All is going well, however we now seem to have a issue that users are able to over issue job materials. Does anyone out there recall if there is a setting that warns or stops the user or if a customization needs to be put in place?


You will need to write a BPM for this. If you search on this site, you will probably find examples.

I don’t remember a time you couldn’t over issue materials and don’t recall any settings in company or plant config. If there is such a setting it would be in one of the two places. More likely Plant/Site config.

Hi @jemerick,

I have created one similar customization for issue material. Please find below the attachment

App.IssueMaterialEntry.IssueMaterialForm_Customization_ISSUE_MATERIAL_IM_MI_2_5_CustomExport.xml (73.9 KB)