Override default panel in Sales Order Form

Users want a “quick” version of Order Entry, and the standard “Summary” panel is a pain to customize, so I was hoping to leave it as is and add a new sheet to the screen with what they want.

The problem is that many built-in actions result in the user being taken back to that “Summary” again, which defeats the object of an alternative quicker place for them to do as they need. Any ideas either how to override that, or (if it’s a better approach) to blank out the Summary to a plain canvas? What I need is a rigid page without the sub-sheets which break that up.

I have done something like this before. I believe I just hid every tab they didn’t want to see. I then Added a new menu item which in this case would say something like quick order entry and applied that customization which had only the one tab and that prevented the others from popping up.


Like Matt mentioned, you can probably just hide that tab. If not, you could always plop a big fat GroupBox on the parent level of that tab to cover everything - then build on top of that.

Having spent too long trying, I still can’t work out how to hide the tab. I can hide the pane that the tab contains, but that would just be confusing to users because the tab is still there with a blank page.

However, that did lead me to a way of hiding all I needed to within that page so I can re-use it so my problem is solved another way.

Sometimes we had to export the customization.

edit the xml. Set the propertyvalue to false. You need to be careful that you have all the properties that you want to update. Save and import customization.

    <Company />
    <Plant />
    <DcdUserID />
    <GroupID />
    <PropertiesID />
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