Packing Labels

Hai ,
I am New to epicor erp. I need to understand ,How custom shipping label can be made in Epicor 10.

Either Using SSRS, or Bartender. Both have their pros and cons. If you don’t have Bartender then you are stuck with SSRS. The bonus of using SSRS you are not hamstrung by the limited of number generic bartender report styles, that can be used with Auto print. Genship is one so that so you are in luck there. In my research the only way that I have been able to get a bartender label to print for a non-Gen label for bartender is to generate the data to file and send it to a directory monitored by the Bartender integration service. Doing it this way it allows you to pickup the current workstation of the user and pass in the correct printer details for the label to print.

In my experience if you use any other report style and use the bartender option you are forced to select the printer button on the toolbar and select a locally installed printer of the shared printer on the Bartender server.

A couple of Epicor Knowledgebase articles.

Hope that helps.

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