Part GL Control

Hi, does anyone know of the purpose of Part GL Control and the effect of GL posting. We try to avoid purchasing department having to enter a GL account (a history of incorrect entries), so we set up parts for various expenses. I attempted setting up a Part GL Control but the posting does not get there. We end up having to set up Part Class and the GL Control.

I think it’s best for you to understand Inventory Transaction Hierarchy (you can find it in Epicor Help) for your Epicor version to understand which GL is used in each transaction.

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Would be a good idea to talk with your Epicor CAM and get a consultant for a 2 hour review of all GL Controls and how they function.

The Inventory Transaction Hierarchy tech guide will show you the process of how the GL Acct is determined for each possible scenario.

And you’re much better off creating Part Classes for expensed parts, and set a GLC their. That way you don’t have to make a part entry to buy something that is expensed.

For example, we have a Part Class called “Shop Supplies”, that has GLC that uses an expense account. Now Purchasing can place an order for something we don’t have a part entry for, like “FORK LIFT TIRE”, and then select the Shop Supplies, part class. this will automatically make the expense account be selected from the Part Class’s GLC

Thanks for your responses. We will stick with Part Class GLC setup.