Link GL code at part level

I’m looking to reduce the risk of error and the data entry times by linking GL codes to the parts. That should pull through to any purchase orders and will allow for quicker and easier data entry. The only problem is I can’t find the appropriate place to do it. I was expecting to locate a similar option to that one found in the purchase order release tab, where you can select

Cost centre

This was a key element of the change I’m trying to implement, so I’m now concerned that I’ve wasted time on something that isn’t possible

And yes, I’m aware that this is a pretty simple question compared to others on the subject

Jane, from the part maintenance screen go to accounting then GL Control code. You can select from GL Control Code Type, Part Class, or Product Group. If you choose part and set up a GL Control code it will override the inventory/expense GL Control code for Part Class and/or on your default INVWIP GL control code

In Part Maintenance screen. It is under Accounting > GL Control Tab.

Ah. That was my first port of call but it didn’t look right. Back I go to attempt again.

Thanks for the speedy response

Thank you

Attaching Part GL Control code works only for Inventory parts (stock) and not for type Other. That requires posting rule change.

You can create a Part Class GLC, and use it on the PO for purchases of type Other. It won’t be automatic like a part in the part master, but still better than looking up or hand keying GL Acct #'s

For example:

  • Make a new GLC Code
    • Type: PartClass
    • Code: SHOP
    • Description: SHOP EXP (5160)
    • Acct Context INV/EXP: 5160-00-01
  • Make a new Part class for Shop Expense, and add the GLC SHOP

Now if you select the part class Shop Expense on a PO line, the acct 5160-00-01 will be used for the receipt.

Much appreciated, thank you