Part Master DMT - "Track Serial Numbers cannot be turned ON, the part Sales UOM allows decimals

Hey everyone,

I’m attempting to DMT part records from one environment to another. One error I receive on a couple part records is “Table: Part Msg: Track Serial Numbers cannot be turned ON, the part Sales UOM allows decimals.”.

However, the SalesUM field on my DMT template is set to EACH, which doesn’t allow for decimals:

I tried removing the SalesUM column from the template completely, but this didn’t resolve the issue either.

Do you get it on every record?

You might have to run DMT first to set the SUM to EACH (I assume you were using EA before). Then try to enable S/N’s


Also, S/N’s might not be able to be used for Classes that have UOM’s that allow decimals.

So if the Class that EACH belongs to also has a UOM DZN (with 12 EACH = 1 DZN), and DZN allows decimals, it might balk.

Thanks for the response Calvin :slight_smile:

It’s not all of my parts, I’ve broken out the Part DMT into several parts of about 10k records each. I received this error on 205 records on this first DMT template. I haven’t ran the others through yet.

Good to know! I’ll investigate this on the errored records.

You’re saying, drop the S/N columns from the template and set the part UOM to EACH, then run an update DMT enabling S/N?


I did some testing.

  • Created a a UOM EACH (no decimals allowed) and added it to the Class COUNT.
  • Class COUNT has a base UOM EA (which does allow decimals, and is the base UOM for the class)
  • Set a part to use class COUNT, and UOM EACH for IUM, PUM and SUM.

I get the following error when trying to enable S/N tracked


So it looks like you may have to make a new class just for your S/N tracked UOM’s. Then good luck trying to use the UOM conversion tool…


I created a Class COUNT-SN and added UOM EACH to it and was able to use that for the S/N tracked part.

I was even able to add a a UOM that does allow decimals to the new Class. But trying to set that as the PUM or SUM generates an error.

Gotcha… sorry I was pulled away from this but I’m back now. That makes sense. Oddly, I’m using the same part classes in both the old and new environment, but I don’t receive this error if I mess with SUM on Part Entry. Regardless, you have been extremely helpful. Thank you so much for your time!