Part on the fly - a coles notes version

Just trying to find out some more info on this. Is there a setting to enable parts on the fly?

We three sources of where we get parts from, two are inventory controlled within Epicor, but the last is reaching out to vendors to ship to our customers.



“Part On The Fly” (POTF) is a concept that Epicor uses to allow entering a Part Number - that doesn’t exist in the Part entry - on a form.

The key point being that there is no entry in the part table for the specific part number. A part that has an entry in the part table, but is flagged as not qty bearing, is not a POTF.

Parts in inventory must have a part table entry. So a POTF (which does not have the part table entry), that appears on an Order, must either be made, and shipped from WIP, or Bought To Order (BTO).

P.S. - did you mean “Cliff’s Notes Version” ??

Thanks @ckrusen

How do POTF get items to allow financial transactions to flow through the system e.g. when DMTing parts for the part master we set part class & product group?

Not sure on the Cliff’s vs Coles but I thought Coles was a Canadian thing…

Are you familiar with the Inventory Transaction Hierarchy guide (a PDF) on EpicWeb?

You would want to look at transaction types with “UKN” in them. PUR-UKN, UKN-CUS, etc.

So, for a shipment (UKN-CUS), you don’t have a part (level 1) or a part class (level 2), so it would pull from the Company GL control (level 3). Make sense?

But always test it anyway.

something like this:

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