Inventory Qty of Parts-On-The-Fly?

Where is the inventory qty of parts-on-the-fly stored?

I am creating a BAQ to track the requirements for sales orders and jobs by day. If a part-on-the-fly is received, it obviously will not have an on-hand quantity as it is not a set up Part, but surely this quantity that we have has to be stored somewhere. For example when we go to ship a sales order that has been received for a part-on-the-fly, it shows in ShipDtl.OurInventoryShipQty how much we have to ship.

Is this the only place this is stored? I want to be able to check how many we have (how many available) to ship before we go off to ship it.

It will NOT be in any inventory location but there are a few places you can check. PartTran will show the transactions against the part with the most details. You can also look at LaborDtl to see how many have been completed.

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Like @Jason_Woods said, the Qty is not stored.

When a BTO part is received, its cost immediately debits the Inventory Account (or another account if GL Controls are used). When it ships, the inventory acct (or one specified by the GL Control) is credited.

BTJ (Buy to job) happens in a similar way. But instead of debiting Inventory upon receipt, WIP is debited. When the job is disposed (ships,received into stock, etc…) WIP is credited.

Calculated value from the JobPart table. QtyCompleted - (ShippedQty + ReceivedQty) = Quantity still in WIP.

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Thanks for the replies all. I think PartTran will be the most help in my situation.

Part On The Fly (POTF) is a feature where Epicor does not require the part to be pre-defined in the Part table before you start using it. Essentially, if you enter a POTF onto a Sales order, the system has no background info… and therefore, you must MAKE or BUY it before shipping. But if you never create the Part in the Part table, then you also never can “receive” the part into stock. you CAN create a JOB, or a PO for that part, but it will never hit inventory. Instead it will go straight from the JOB or the PO to the customer. you CAN see history in parttran, and later, if needed, you can create the part, and start storing in inventory if it needs to become “real”.
Also, you can call out a POTF as a MATERIAL on a job. when you do this, the system will again either make it in a second job that is a linked job, or purchase it directly to the job.

Not exactly true…

A POTF that is Buy To Order, will Debit the Inventory GL upon receipt - unless a GL Control is used.

So while it doesn’t show as a QOH, it does count as Inventory (as far as accounting is concerned).

When the BTO item ships Inventory GL is Credited - or the GL Control’s over rides it…

Hi–I am having this same issue but am looking for further direction. We have an item that was manufactured on a job as make direct from the part on the fly on the sales order. We cannot ship this. How do we invoice a POTF? I see here that it “goes straight to the customer” but am not understanding what steps need to be made? Can you or anyone else explain?

Hi Gina, welcome to the group!

So, you said:

I would have to disagree - I’m actually confused as to why you think you can’t.

It should appear in customer shipment entry when you enter the line. Here is an example of make direct (thought not POTF). All I did was enter the order number, line, and release.

What is going to be new for you is that Our Ship Qty will be zero - that’s good and DO NOT change it - but Our Job Ship Qty has a number in it, and next to that, you should see the job number pop in automatically.

And then invoice as a normal shipment.