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I have a part’s revision checked out through the engineering workbench. I have a PartNum and a RevisionNum of the checked out part. I need to grab the parent part and it’s site. Can’t seem to find an endpoint to do such. Any help would be appreciated!

You’re going to need more detail about what you are trying to do. BAQ? REST? Something else?

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I would love to do REST but I don’t think we have it configured?

You don’t have REST setup according to @hasokeric. But you should get it working cause it is awesome.

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Where’s the API located? and I’d like to set it up. What’s the appx amount of time to set it up?

Epicor SaaS MT is what your Profile says but that’s not true right?
@hasokeric they MT? No way!

If you are MT you are SOL Epicor has to do it for you

How about you just start with a BAQ. No matter what you do, you’re going to need to understand the schema.


Here’s the SQL query I ran to figure out the solution to my problem…

select pr.PartNum, pr.plant, pr.RevisionNum from ERp.Part p
inner join Erp.PartRev pr on p.PartNum = pr.PartNum
where p.PartNum = 'PART-NAME'

I was checking out a Revision for the part and just needed it’s site so that I can pass it down to mtl parts.

Yeah they are on-prem not MT SaaS.

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I copied Haso’s intro. That’d explain it

select p.Company, p.PartNum, pp.plant as PartRevPlant from ERp.Part p
inner join Erp.PartPlant pp on p.PartNum = pp.PartNum
where p.PartNum = 'wagonwheel' and p.Company = '01800000'

Why is this pulling back all available Part Plants and not just ones assigned?


If you go to part entry for that part number, which sites do you see there?

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Its pulling in more because in your join you are not joining on the Company.

However, I don’t think that is what you want… You might be more interested in your scenario with the Site: drop-down on the Revision Tab (which is different than PartPlant).

-- Also Check if you need to use pr.AltMethod
SELECT pr.Company, pr.PartNum, pr.RevisionNum, pr.Plant, * FROM Erp.PartRev pr WHERE pr.Company = '01800000' and pr.PartNum = 'wagonwheel' and pr.RevisionNum = 'A'
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Hmmmmmm I’m going to have to figure out how to grab it from the screen in Epicor. Where can I find a list of options for EpiDataView’s

Check the object explorer.

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I found them

thank you!

I need to grab these two plants somehow based on the partnum

@josecgomez I was trying to extract and get the data through an EpiDataView (ECORev)