Part Qty in Job

Would I be correct in saying that Part Qty run down the Operation list, and if the previous operation isn’t complete, it will show as a zero qty, correct?

I ask because one of my CSR entered an order and created a job and realized it needed another print operation. So they put it at the end, after Shrink wrap. Now, the floor manager is trying to adjust the qty but is getting an error Part qty must equal operation qty. Part Qty is 0 Op Qty is 126.

The operation before it, shrink wrap, ahs not been started or completed. That is what I was guessing.

I don’t know what “Part Qty” is. What screen is this?

But check on what is the FINAL operation.

Not what you THINK is the final but what is actually checked off as final.

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Do you have a BPM in place to not allow operations to be completed before prior operations are completed?