Part RoHS Restriction?

To those of you that deal with Part Restriction.

When a part revision is unapproved, we see that the RoHS compliance of the part is being set to “Not applicable”. Is there a way to stop this from happening?

Our business case is:
Our lifecycle of parts.
Part revision is approved, parts that are actively sold and built.
Parts Revision is not approved, parts that are still serviced
Inactive Part, parts that we don’t sell, build, or service.

When the revision is unapproved we don’t want the Compliance to change, as the components are still all compliant. Would running the RoHS Part Compliance Process fix all of this? We have never run that. I am going down the path of writing a BPM to update the part to be compliant when the revision is unapproved. Just didn’t want to reinvent the wheel when the tool already exists.