Part UOM Conversion

I am trying to convert a UOM from GA to LT and keep getting the JobMtl records already exist for this part. However, all jobs are closed, all revisions have been removed, and nothing I can see in job manager is attached to this. No inventory, nothing.

What am I missing?

Have you checked on Part Tracker whether there is any outstanding WIP/Inspection in Part Locations or open DMR for this part?

All are empty. Count History shows adjustment to zero.

How about in Material Request Queue, if you open this and filter by the part. Are there any open material requests? If so, try deleting them.

Are you trying to change the part.IUM, via the UOM Conversion?

And both GA and LT are in the same UOM Class?

Or is this a Part Specific UOM?

GA and LT are in the same class. And yes, via UOM Conversion.

Have you tried using the ‘Refresh Part Quantities and Allocations’ on that specific part to see if that fixes?

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Have you confirmed that every job that specified the part, has the material marked as Issued Complete?

Check Time Phase. Sometimes there are PartDtl records that are utterly bogus (like for mtlSeq -9999 or something absurd like that).


I did a test and wasn’t able to get past the “JobMtl records …” error until all jobs using that part were closed.

It did not matter whether or not the material was “issued complete”. I had some jobs that the material was not issued complete, and the UOM conversion still processed okay.


I did a BAQ on JobMtl and this part number and found several jobs with that were open and Issued Complete for this material. Here in lies the problem! Closed them and now I can change the UOM.