Partial refund of cash receipt entry

This is hopefully an easy question.

How do I do a partial refund on a cash receipt?

Working on automating refunds but I have no clue how we actually do a partial refund. And I think the only two people that do at our company aren’t in. I know how to do a full refund of a cash receipt but not partial.

Sales order is created
Cash receipt is posted for say $100.00
5 days later customer wants to cancel part of the order, which requires refunding $20.00
I can remove the items from the Sales order but I’m unsure how to refund the money back to them from Epicor’s perspective, for accountings sake.

I found the answer.

There is no way to partially refund a cash receipt.

See this KB post: EpicCare Login - EpicCare

From that post you’ll see:
When you adjust a cash receipt, you cannot adjust the amount, currency, bank account or any bank fees or taxes manually added to the cash receipt. If you need to change this information, you must reverse the cash receipt using Reverse Cash Receipt Entry and then enter a new cash receipt in Cash Receipt Entry.

So that is what I will be doing then.