Partial shipping of Kit in parent pricing mode


We will move from 9.05.701 to 10.1.600 in coming months. I would like to know if this will be possible in E10 to partially ship a Kit that is using parent pricing mode ?

I have search through other topics and found 1 or 2 posts about it for E10. It seems that this haven’t changed yet, but I would like a comfirmation.


Recently been working with an Epicor 10.1 client to customize this functionality, so I would say this is still not available.
The conflict we have ran into in even designing a custom solution is how to handle the invoicing of partially shipped kits. If invoicing can wait until the entire kit is shipped, it’s pretty easy, but rarely does anyone want to wait to get paid for shipped product.
This is where a ‘traditional’ backorder functionality would be helpful I would think.


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This combination has been an issue for a few versions.

What I’ve seen done is to use component pricing to get the shipment ability by component level and then put all of the price on one item (usually the most expense item) at the time of order if you really don’t want to use component pricing. Not elegant, but workable depending on your circumstances.

If you use product groups for COS accounts however you need to be aware that this could lump the revenue into one product group.

Hope this helps.

Brad Boes


OK thanks guys !