Parts not getting tags during cycle counts

Hello all,

I am a new Epicor user. I am reviewing cycle counts for last year, and I am coming across parts that have been counted without a tag being generated. The warehouse manager includes parts with zero on hand, but some parts are still not getting a tag. Does anyone have an idea on what I am missing here?


Serial-tracked parts? Or any kind? (I have a motive for asking…)

Any kind.

I have to admit, I have never tried the zero-on-hand thing, so I don’t know about that. I was always curious what location it uses. Primary bin? What if there isn’t one.

Serial-tracked parts are interesting as the tags are printed based on the location in Serial Number tracker and NOT the quantity in a bin. So if you are missing serials or have extras, you can get some wacky results. But you said it’s not a serial problem. So that’s just FYI.

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I had this happen at one of our plants as well. No tag was generated for a part (even though we had 50 on hand- not serial tracked) so they created a blank tag for it in the count.

It then added 50 more to the on hand balance and we ended up reporting double what we had.

I didn’t dig into any other counts to see if it happened anywhere else. Very odd though.

Do you use Supplier Managed Inventory or Customer Managed Inventory?

Are we talking about a Physical Inventory or you’re getting to the end of the year of your cycle count program and parts are not being selected within the time frame?

Supplier managed to your first question. I am auditing the cycle count process from the previous year. Parts are getting selected and showing counted in the history, but tags weren’t created. I’m trying to figure out why this happened.

Can you show a screenshot on how you know they were counted without a tag?

If it’s supplier managed then it’s not your inventory. You can count it but I imagine that’s why you’re not getting a tag though. It’s a good point though. Maybe other users who use Supplier Managed Inventory can share how they handle cycle counting.

I’ve not dealt with supplier managed, but every time we’re missing a tag, it’s because someone didn’t complete a previous cycle of some kind. the rule is that a Part can only exists on ONE open cycle at a time.


Ahhh Mike, that may have been what caused it!

the CFO did say he had some open cycles from pervious years with tags that didn’t post.

I think he caught it before the rest of our inventory counts, but that may have been what happened for this warehouse.

Although I think that it didn’t allow him to even select the warehouse to start a new count since an older count was still active…

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