Parts with serial numbers

I have a part I am using on a job that has a serial number. Where are serial numbers issued? I see in the Part module I have a s/n format button. Where do I enter the serial numbers for the actual parts?
These are parts I already have in inventory from before Epicor. So I did an inventory adjustment. However there was not an area there to enter serials either? I didn’t find it anywhere in the job module.


Serial Number Assignment or if you Issue Material (If the Job Part is the same as material part) then issue the Part from Inventory to the Job. You can then re-use the same serial, or give it a new one. For example, your Job is Part 123 which is serialized but you want to put it back through a job then the Part 123 also needs to be against the material so you’re able to issue the same part and re-use/give new serial.

You will need to make sure you have Serial Tracking enabled in Site Configuration. I believe it is turned off by default.

Outbound will only prompt for Serial Numbers when shipping a completed Serialized part or receiving it to inventory.

Full will prompt for Serial Number during many different transactions throughout the production process.

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I think @andrew.johnson has the answer regardless of the follow-up questions I have for you. And to do this, you will need to qty-adj out any OH inventory of the parts that will be serial tracked.

But anyway…

You mean the job produces a thing to be serial-tracked? Or the parts are components that will be issued to the job?

  1. If the first thing, it’s what @Tomas said
  2. If the second thing, you need to use full serial tracking (right?) and the serial numbers must be done when the inventory is (a) received from a PO or job (see #1), or (b) adjusted in (same basic idea).

Also, if you decide you will need lower-level serial matching, do it now. Trust me.