PartTran TranDate Totally Wrong

Anyone ever seen this? PartTran TranDate Totally Wrong.

I guess Qty Adjustments lets you pick a Date and fat fingering the date is quite common. Can someone else Run this Query see if you have the Issue as well =) which causes Stock Status Report to do crazy things.

SELECT * FROM Erp.PartTran WHERE TranDate >= '01/01/2030'

Yes - I have a few with the year 2051 in our DB.

It’s user error - SysDate is time stamped, TranDate is selected by the user. There is also a pattern on your screenshot that they are mostly all Quantity Adjustments.

Finally, look at the Part Number column versus the Tran Date - I can see a correlation between the TranDate and the part number. Almost like the user has typed the part number into the date field - where the date has a 4, the part number does too :slight_smile:

Scroll further across and look with EmpID and EnteredBy - then find these people are re-educate them about checking their work before pressing save!

Also, I haven’t done it on our system but perhaps a Data Directive on PartTran to prevent future dates could help here.

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Glad to know we don’t fat finger it only =) I wonder if @ckrusen or @Mark_Wonsil who have had their fair share of troubles w/ Stock Rpt; have bad data such as this lurking :slight_smile:

And some re-education is much more intense than others …


Put a BPM in place where trandate cant be > than today…and if you don’t want them to back date transactions then stop that as well.

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