Pass subreports to Kinectic Cloud


I have a report has subreports in Kinectic On premise version. I need to pass that report to a Kinectic Cloud version, what would be the best way to pass the subreports? Have I created a report data definition for each subreport? How did you configure subreports’ datasources?
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Best way to do this is in Report Style Maintenance in your on prem, select your report style then go to Actions → Download SSRS

Then in your cloud instance select the related report style then Actions → Upload SSRS

Hello @tkoch

I did that you say, but the subreports have direct conection to database, when I preview report the subreport don’t show information because is the old conection, how should I configure datasource in subreports?

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There is no direct access to databases in the SaaS cloud. You’ll have to rearchitect that report.


Hello @Mark_Wonsil

thank you for your answer, I have a question, Is there something like subreports in SaaS Cloud that I can use?
Thank you.

It may help to step away from one particular technical solution and go back to the business problem we are trying to solve. What are we trying to do?

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@Mark_Wonsil thank you.
We have report with several sections, each sections is a subreport, I will follow your advise and I going to think the business problem that I need solve.

Yes, we have similar reports that do the same here. We are on-prem but are hoping to move away from direct database access from SSRS to improve our security posture. Those connect strings…