We are trying to figure out PCID’s. We get this error message every time we try to pull in this PCID when we try to ship it. HELP!!


Look at the locations tab, as well as the items to make sure the address matches the order. Remember, each release can have a different address…

The locations are the same. Any other ideas on why we keep getting this error?

I’m assuming you looked at a list of what’s in the PCID and the list of the sales order 142, and they all match?

I’m not sure what you are talking about? The lot numbers in the PCID? What list are you referring to?

no, that actual part numbers that are in the PCID vs what’s on the order. I’m wondering if someone accidentally put something in the PCID that doesn’t belong in there.

Nope the item number are the same.

well, that’s all I got. If it was me I would be analyzing that. To get around it, you can pull everything out of the PCID and ship individually. I’ll bet you’ll find the offending item by doing that.

Rereading your original question, it looks as if one of the items in the PCID is linked to a closed/voided release on order 142.

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That would have been my guess. Happens all too often. :frowning: