Piping data directly into Vantage DB 8.xx

Hi Ian,

You need to buy a couple of things. First off, the import process is
built around a transformation tool from Pervasive software. Second,
Epicor has a number of maps and templates that you need to buy. It's
possible to build your own with the Pervasive tool but not advisable.
You can also pay Epicor to take of the import for you. They will use
the same tools to get the job done. Bottom line, there is a learning
curve and depending upon your migration/implementation strategy and
skills/experience you need to decide which way to go.

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How is the best way to port data from CSV files to directly populate a
Vantage 8.xx DB?

Are there already tools available for this?
Does anyone have them? Can I have them?
etc. etc.