PO Contracts/Auto adding releases to PO Lines

I have seem some threads on here regarding PO contracts and have a couple of specific questions to see if it might be the way to meet a particular need we have:

Vendors are given blanket contracts that can last several years. Prices are set for each PO Line and each line will contain the overall blanket amount. Not a big deal from a PO point of view. Specifically though, without setting up schedules and periodicity, purchasing would like, based on a trigger when inventory goes below minimum, to automatically have an MRP Suggestion trigger a new release for the PO Line for that specific blanket PO.

I have done this with Kanban where it will add a new release to an existing PO Line, but not with MRP

I don't believe PO Contracts does this, but I am not sure. If it does without having to pre-set schedules that would be great. If not, anyone else know how to trigger an MRP suggestion to create a specific release for a specific PO contract line?