PO Entry for Non Inventory Part

We are in the implementation phase and I’m struggling trying to reproduce a feature we used in our old software. Many times we need to enter a purchase order for a non-inventory part and code the expense directly to an expense account. I know I can create non-quantity bearing parts and attach a GL Control that is connected to a specific expense account. I’ve also determined that you can change the GL Code on the Release details tab, but I’ve not figured out a way to enter a PO without using an existing part number. I’m really hoping there is a way to enter a PO without creating a Part Number for every item we purchase, especially if it is a one-time buy.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

I haven’t tried in PO entry but do you know if you’re able to use “Part-on-the-Fly” on PO entry?

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It appears that you can make use of “part on the fly” in Purchase order entry. You just need need to set the “Buy For” to other and then can you purchase a part without it existing in your part master. And while you are able to direct the expense account via the “GL account” field on the release detail, it might be easier for you to create Part Classes for different Part-on-the-Fly classes and then assign the appropriate expense accounts there. For example, if you have expense accounts 70100 and 70200 for “Office Supplies” and “Office Parties,” respectively, you could create Part Classes for “Office Supplies” and “Office Party Supplies” and attach GL control codes to each of those with the correct expense accounts. Then, when you enter a purchase order for a bespoke paper size that you don’t want to make a part number and customized streamers for Gertrude’s retirement party, you can enter those as parts on the PO only and assign the correct Part Class on the line. Upon receipt, the correct expense accounts will then be debited.

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@Daniel_Price - you are the hero of the day!

I had looked at the Buy For of “Other”, but never even thought about trying to type random text in the Part Number field that requires existing entries in Part Master in the Inventory Buy For. I like your idea of creating Part Classes, then training my buyers to select the correct Part Class for the department requesting the parts!

Thank you!!!

Dori Ordos

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