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In our old system, we have a Misc. PO that is used for non-inventory items that require a PO (computer purchases, certain services, etc.). The user enters the part number, description and also enters the appropriate GL code at the time she creates the PO.

We do not see anything like that in Epicor and I am trying to figure out if it really doesn’t exist or if I am looking in the wrong place. The PO type of Other seems to be the most appropriate starting point. It seems the link to GL flows through the class code of the part.

We really don’t want to create a class code for every GL account, but we do need to accurately record the expense to the department and expense type. For example, we have 10 different computer expense accounts, one for each department (different segments, 1-1000, 2-1000, etc., where 1 and 2 represent department and 1000 represents Computer Expense)

We would like to keep the GL coding responsibility as early in the process (currently our purchasing agents code the PO) as possible rather than doing a lot of overwriting when the invoice is received.

Has anyone found a way to deal with these items?



we are on version 10.1.400, in PO entry for PO lines of type other, on the
release tab near the bottom, we are able to click the get default button to
get the default GL code, then change it appropriately.


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You are on the right track using the “other” PO type. You can use a part
class if there is a non-qty bearing part setup or just enter the GL account
on the release tab.


Thanks so much. Very helpful.