PO Freight Expense Tracking

Is there anything in Epicor you know that can keep track of “Carriers Rates?”

For example in old system we have a field on PO Entry called "Estimated Freight Rate: " which is just keyed in by someone.

Then when we receive the goods, we pay the Vendor.

The Carrier is paid 1-2 months later (they may send the invoice 30-60 days later) but then someone has to fill in "Actual Freight Rate: " on the PO.

Its not always a known carrier, sometimes a Broker finds a 3PL. Then next time someone does a similar PO for that Part Qty – the previously “Actual Rate:” is used as reference for the new POs "Estimate Freight Rate: ".

Its easy to customize with some BPMs and UD Column and as long as the PO is Referenced on Carriers Invoice during Entry. Maybe there is a better way using something out-of-the-box?

Perhaps someone is using Dynamic Segments on the GL and has a Segment per Carrier?

Wild thought would be a Last Cost part that you could put on the Carrier invoice.

Could you create a generic part number that you could use?