PO Gets unapproved on complete receipt


sometimes the PO gets unapproved along with getting closed, on receiving the complete quantity

and the approve button is disabled and cannot do any further modifications on the PO

Do you have any BPMs or customizations?


thanks for the reply, I have BPMs and customizations on PO, but not on Receipt, the PO goes unapproved automatically when the receipt is completed.

Receipts update PORel. I would find these suspect.

Jason Woods


I found the culprit, I had a BPM to stop PO going to approval cycle and sending emails to concerned, when directly created from po suggestions on buyer workbench,

the BPM was on POApvMsg,

once the PO receipt completed the POApvMsg is getting updated with “manually closed” approver response and it was not considered in my code (I was not aware of this case) - rewrote the code consider this scenario and is OK now

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