Purchase Order Entry Check Box while Approved

Hello All,

I am working on some simple customization on Purchase Order Entry and have run into a wall. I added an “Email PO” UD checkbox above the “Ready for Mass Print” checkbox on the Summary tab. We have a MSMQ service that goes and checks the POHed_UD table to see if that box is checked, and if it is, it generates a Crystal Report I made and auto sends out the PO.

The problem I am running into is that the box can only be checked if the PO is Unapproved. If it is Approved or Closed you can’t check it. I noticed that when Approved, the “Ready for Mass Print” box is checkable, which I’d like my box to be the same.

Has anyone been able to do this?

Also, this is on version 10.1.400.18.


Has anyone had to do this before?

Did you ever find a solution for this? Trying to do the same thing and running into the same issue.

So far no, they just have to unapprove the PO, check the box, then reapprove it.

There is definitely a way to do this but it is kind of involved and requires a customization to handle the UI events for the checkbox and trigger an update of sorts and a BPM to basically handle the unapprove, update, and approve again logic. You can hijack some of the standard controls that allow updates, when approved, to actually trigger the BPM. If interested, I can try and post a quick example later today.

Sure, that’d be appreciated if you have the time!