PO management, MRP configuration and demand - help needed

Looking for help and willing to hire - we’re two years in and need an overhaul. We are driving our suppliers crazy with PO changes, and until now have been holding it together for our customers, but now we aren’t keeping up. We’ve managed to both buy way too much stock and yet still be plagued with stock-outs.

We’re a hybrid (MTO, MTS, ETO) environment with on-prem E10.2.100, replenishing multiple sites from manufactured and purchased stock. We have agreed on the following:

  1. Our problem with MRP activities includes some MOM setup, all planning setup, all inventory setup, all the MRP logical flow and all policies regarding material movement. This may seem obvious but for our team, acknowledging it is a breakthrough.

  2. We think nothing is actually working as it should. We don’t understand either our needs in Epicor language, or Epicor’s capabilities to even say for sure what “As it should” looks like. The items that haven’t yet caused us trouble have high enough minimums or short enough lead times that we’ve reacted quickly enough to avoid disaster, but that is not sustainable.

  3. We agree we’re only scratching the surface of what MRP could do, and we’ve reached an agreement that Epicor could serve us if we could figure it out; but it was implemented without a thorough understanding of it’s capabilities OR our needs.

I know this is not a specific technical question, but we really need help. To be fair to our integration Partner they’ve come a long way in the past two years, but every implementation is so unique. We almost need an MRP/Purchasing expert who is also a coach, to help us discover what we really need and how to get there.

I’d appreciate input, suggestions or offers of consulting services.