PO Suggestion Calculation

I am wondering if someone has a complete list / hierarchy of Part Settings that PO Suggestions takes into consideration when making a suggestion?

We don’t own MRP, so all we do is Regenerate Suggestions nightly. Material Planning Tech Ref assumes you own MRP, but doesn’t let me know what settings I can safely ignore when only running Suggestions. We don’t own APS either.

Our Part Settings are inconsistent at best, and I want to improve the quality of suggestions. I thought I was on my way, only to find things like the odd vendor that has a calendar attached throwing monkey wrenches at my efforts.


Pretty much everything on the Part > Sites > Detail tab relates to both Purchased and Manufactured parts (except the Purchasing and Urgent Planning sections, which are for Purchased parts only).

On the Part > Sites > Planning tab, the Days of Supply, Kit Time, and Receive Time all relate to both Purchased and Manufactured parts (as far as I know, everything else on this page is for Manufactured parts only).

If you have multiple sites, make sure that the Type field on Parts > Sites > Detail is set correctly between Purchased and Transfer so that PO Suggestions are created in the correct site.

I’m sure I’ve missed something somewhere… and several of these settings can be set at the Part Class level as well (but settings on the Part record override Part Class).

When in doubt, enter an out-of-this-world value in a field (in the TEST environment!!!) and run Generate Suggestions… see what happens. It can be highly amusing in addition to highly instructive.

Min Lot Size - Max Lot Size - Multiple apply to PO suggestions and planned jobs, when those suggestions and jobs are MRP-generated. We use Min Lot Size in conjunction with our suppliers’ economical lot size to help ensure that our requests line up with the quantities that work for them.

Are you aware of settings (Part, PartPlant, Company, or Site, etc) that we can ignore because we do not have MRP?

I am adding all these notes into a Part Settings Matrix myself, as there is no single document that covers our situation it seems.

Like for instance the Part - Sites - Planning tab; the MRP Planning section has values entered and Process MRP is checked. I am not sure if it does any good if I don’t own MRP?
Constrained Material on the Detail tab is greyed out however.

First and foremost, if your Sales Order Ship By dates are not accurate, it really doesn’t matter what your other purchasing settings are… the output won’t really matter.

According to the system help, Constrained Material is only used in regards to Job Scheduling so (ahem) it should not affect PO Suggestions. The Process MRP switch I have never messed with SOLELY for purchased parts… so I can’t say without testing.

Constraining material will do the following:
Jobs for an item will be scheduled in a manner that the on hand for the constrained item does not go below zero.The job need date will be correct, but it will schedule based upon available material regardless of demand (in the event supply is not adequate).

You will not get suggestions to change the locked PO (locking the PO is necessary to prevent suggestions from overriding constraint limitations).