PO suggestion to order part with negative on-hand quantity

Hi all,

We get PO suggestions for when a part has a negative on-hand quantity even if there is no minimum on hand set. Is this a setting we can change as the reason for the part going negative is often because of an error on a BOM or some other criteria has been set incorrectly and we generally don’t want to order the part.

Any help, much appreciated,


When the Minimum On Hand is “not set”, it is actually set to 0… so when it gets below 0 it generates a PO Suggestion… which is normally valid because as far as Epicor knows you’ve run out of parts and you need them.

What you might want to do is create a dashboard to show all your negative-balance part numbers, and then when you’re doing your purchasing just match up the PO Suggestions list against the negative-balance parts.

It is always a better idea to clean up bad data than to find creative ways to mask it…

Very true. Correct the cause of the bad data first. I would offer that PO Suggestions only runs after you correct your inventory. Then fix your BOMs accordingly.


Thanks for the replies guys. We’re definitely working on cleaning the bad data and agree that’s got to be the priority.