PO Suggestions - Don't Understand

I have an interesting issue regarding our PO suggestions. We have several inventory parts that have suggestions. Some of the inventory parts have eronous suggestions. Some of the inventory parts I am expecting change suggestions and we are not getting them.

Take part number 65774 in this picture below. There is currently a suggestion to buy 6. At the end of all of the demand we will still have 6 on hand. The minimum on hand quantity is 0. So if we do not have demand we would like to have zero on hand. We are building this machine on an as needed basis when we receive POs from the customer. Originally all of the jobs in this time phase screen where scheduled to start in April and finish in late June. However, this has now changed. All of the jobs have moved to start in June and finish in late August. So I would expect to have some PO change suggestions to postpone these line items. Some of the parts do have PO change suggestions as you can see in the screen print for part 65593.

I do not understand what the issue is here. I am not sure if we need to patch the system or if I have some variables not set correctly. As a result PO suggestions are not generating correctly. Any help or insight is appreciated.

Part 65774

Part 65593

Thanks for any input you can provide!

is the PO locked?


@timshuwy The PO has Lock Qty checked, but not Lock Date. I have also turned off Lock Qty and run Generate suggestions with Regen and Net Change, but it will not suggest a move.

is that 6 a TO suggestion?

@jeowings So when I look at this, the 6 pieces it is giving a suggestion for are coming from a demand to purchase for a specific warehouse. Do you have more than 1 warehouse set up in Epicor? We have several because we use Advanced Material Management. Look at this material on the first 3 jobs to see if it is being called for from a different warehouse other than where it is inventoried.

Because you have Days of Supply set at 15 days, that is why you are only seeing a suggestion for 6 pieces, otherwise you would have more suggestions. Since your other jobs aren’t in the window of the 15 day supply, it is not giving you suggestions for those yet.

We have enough supply on purchase orders for the part. The part is inventoried in the 40X4 warehouse. We do have multiple warehouses for AMM. I just can’t figure out why it will not produce change suggestions for the open PO that is already approved and confirmed. The schedule for the entire demand for this part has pushed out just like the one in the second picture providing change suggestions.

That is all good questions. Part 65744 part maintenance details are listed below in the picture. Also, it is interesting the suggestion is in the past to me as well.




Have you already tried boosting the logging level?
Might provide a little more insight into your suggestion results.

@jeowings Look at the Job Tracker for the jobs that are calling out that material. What warehouse is listed as the From Location? Is it the 40X4 Warehouse?

I have been trying to get PO Suggestions to suggest buying the same part for 2 different warehouses, but it just keeps saying to buy for the Primary Warehouse. I can see both warehouses have Demand and Qty on Hand.

Does one have to set up Warehouse Replenishment for PO to get it to suggest buying for a certain warehouse? We do have AMM, but haven’t not done anything with Warehouse Replenishment.

We backflush this material as its sheet steel for a laser in one warehouse and a punch in another (2 separate buildings). Primary warehouse is the one with the laser, which is just backflushing from the primary warehouse/bin as we have lots of different locations for the sheet steel, so didn’t want to put anything on the Resource Group for backflushing. The punch has its warehouse and bin on the Resource Group, so the material is getting issued and demanded in the correct warehouse.

Sorry for the long winded message, but any ideas would we helpful.

Hi Ben and welcome to the group! The Warehouse Replenishment is geared around KanBan. We don’t use KanBan here at the company I work for, nor the Warehouse Replenishment so I wouldn’t be much help on that.

What I do know is to look at your jobs to make sure they have the correct warehouse listed of where the material is to be issued from for the job because that is what creates the demand for that warehouse:

I’m assuming your jobs are setup correctly since you are seeing demand for more than 1 warehouse?? When I look at PO Suggestions, I don’t see where it differentiates between warehouses. In fact, I don’t see warehouse listed at all.

Are you referring to when you select buy from PO Suggestions and it creates a Purchase Order?