PO Suggestions Help

Morning All - need some assistance on PO Suggestions. It was working then we upgraded to 10.2.400 version and now doesn’t seem to work. Can someone please walk me through step by step to see if something has changed. OR is it a bug?
This is what we do…Generate Suggestions > enter Cutoff Date (which is usually the last date needed on the Job) > goto New PO Suggestions > binoculars to search by Buyer ( supposed to pull in all parts for that Buyer but doesn’t seem to be doing so no matter what date used)…my thing is should we be selecting anything else in the Generate Suggestions screen other than entering a date? i.e. New Change vs Regenerative?
any help would be greatly appreciated to solve this mystery.
thank you

It depends on what you are after, but I usually leave it wide open. No cutoff date at all.

Also, I would check to make sure that you are not accidentally filtering by a part number or something.

will try that on next large part/job entry done for a PO creation…thanks!