Populating a field in a Kinetic app

So I’m using an auto code function to create new part numbers. When you click one of these buttons, the event creates a new part number for you and it works great.

The only thing I can’t figure out how to do is fill the PartNum field with that generated part number. The box stays empty until you hit save, which makes perfect sense because you don’t type anything in there. You can see what part number you’re going to get in the header, but I can see that box staying empty until you hit save getting confusing for users.

Anyone have any guidance or ideas? I’m stumped. And I’m also not good at app studio at all so if you have a suggestion, please explain it like you’re speaking to a child :blush:

To populate the field, you would just need to use the row-update widget to populate KeyFields.PartNum.

Depending on where you saved your function return result, your value you may look something like this:


Damn, Hannah. You are ridiculously good at this stuff. Thank you so much!!
It works perfectly now :slight_smile:

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I suffer so others may prosper. :rofl:

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