Possible Problem with 814 patch and TT5 data collec t

Sorry Steve,

> Which Progress patch did you install?
> ================
> Steve Sanders
> Delta Centrifugal Corp.

Progress Patch: P90B40.exe
Vantage Patch: 4.00.814

Our Gateway is running on a NT4 Server (sp6a patch level). And yes, we are
still getting the "no ar active" errors. Vantage Tech say that Progress
keeps giving them the run around... Our errors have patterned out some, they
only happen on the weekend, but every week instead of just once in a while.
I now come in 30 minutes ahead of production to reboot the gateway, that's
30 minutes less beauty rest a week. I'll be an ugly, cranky old man before
they get this fixed. ;-)

How'd you like the fact that tech didn't have the new patch loaded??? Can
you say guinea pig!!! oink. oink.

Good luck,

Darren Mann
Miller Products Co.