Previews appear as a a black window in Adobe

Our users run E10 via a WebApp server (like Citrix, but not Citrix), instead of having the client installed on their local machines.

There’s a problem when trying to print, in that the print dialog takes a few minutes to appear. This has to do with the server (the one sharing out the client) querying the local computer for its list of printers. Epicor is aware of this. The work around is to use preview, and then print from the PDF viewer.

Occasionally, the PDF doc renders as a solid black.

Anyone ever have problems with the PDFs rendering this way?


Yes, well, sort of. We’ll get an all-white page. We tried another PDF reader (FoxIt) and didn’t have the issue.

Mark W.

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I figured the problem was with Adobe. Especially since everyone is using the same exact Adobe Reader (it’s being served up by the WebApp server like the E10 client is).


I’m seeing the same issue with users of the full client.
Preview in Adobe - intermittently black & haven’t spotted any patterns.

Thanks. Ours is intermittent too. Safe to blame Adobe for this one. :slight_smile:

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I’ve also seen it… but try to print it anyway. when I printed it (or even just saved the PDF file) it came out properly… which indicates it’s an Adobe screen-drawing issue and not necessarily a data issue.

Whenever I get the “blank” pdf, I click window – new window and it appears :slight_smile:

I used to get the black screen all the time when doing a Print Preview; it turns out if you just move the mouse pointer it doesn’t happen.

So, as soon as you click the Print Preview icon, just move the mouse pointer off of the icon and you should not get the black screen.

On a side note….Hello Ernie. It has been a long time since we talked. Hope you have been doing well.


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