Printing Inventory Tags

Does anyone else out there print Inventory Tags out of Receipt Entry
and print using the canned Crystal report "PartTags.rpt"???
We are trying to print this tag to a Zebra printer using 2.25 X 0.75
size tags. We only use 5 lines of text for our purposes.
I have 2 Zebra label printers for this. The first printer I set up
and it prints this tags perfectly. The second printer messes up the 3-
5 lines. Tech support thinks it may be the report being set up for 4"
wide default. Anyone have any ideas about htis report? How do you
all print it?
Can anyone tell me if there are any type of two part forms to print on laser
printers? We are doing an Inventory count and heard of a two part form that
is usable with laser printers. Any help would be appreciated.


Roy Bosworth
Senior Manager IT/MIS