Printing of financial reports occasionally causing application to su

We've had this problem intermittently for quite a long time, going back to Occasionally, when our accountant prints financial reports, her
Epicor session will suspend/lock. Unfortunately, it happened again today.
After she finished printing the reports and simply returned to the
"Financial Reports" window to attempt to close it, she could not do so and
her entire session then failed to respond. She used Task Manager to end the
task, at which point the entire Epicor application closed and her session
was left suspended on the server. I deleted the suspended session for her
and she re-connected to the server without any problem. I checked both the
DB log and the appserver log and could not find any entries that would hint
at a problem.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue? If so, were you able to resolve the

Scott Lepley

Systems Analyst
Mercury Electronics Division
Diversified Traffic Products, Inc.
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Seven Valleys, PA 17360
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Epicor v9.04.506a

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