Problem trying to switch between companies

Version: 10.2.400.9

We are having some users that are having issues trying to switch between companies at their workstations. We use SSO and they are using the modern view and can’t select a different company to switch to and end up having to log out and then log back in to be able to switch companies. Issue seems very sporadic and random so its been difficult trying to find the culprit. We are using citrix receiver for the users to connect so I’m not sure if this could be an issue also. Is this something we need to report to Epicor or is it something we can do to correct it?

Any Help is appreciated, Thank you.

I would be curious what is actually happening. Are you able to confirm the process they are using? You can change the Company from the Menu View or from the Home screen by clicking on the Company name.

Epicor replied it is a known issue, CS0001918731 - “Lock Up Between Company Information” Resolved in 10.2.400.11 or later.

We were seeing it too. Mostly in the Modern Shell. Did not seem to happen in the Active Home page.

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My Setup sounds almost the same as yours w/ Citrix. We are on 10.2.400.10 and havent seen the issue.

I also have this issue. I can’t understand it.