Change Company in MES

Hi all,

I’m having trouble switching companies on the MES interface. We have the EWA (Epicor Web Access) working on an asus tablet but the normal way of right clicking the Epicor logo to change companies is not working, and only brings up a ‘quick search entry’ option as a context menu.

I’m not sure if this is caused by the browser (asus browser and chrome both behaving the same), the tablet interface which is not allowing this or just that the EWA MES will not recognise the input.

Does anyone know anything about this.

Version? We were seeing this in 10.2.400.7 in the Modern Interface but 10.2.400.9 seems to work.

Hi Mark, we are actually still on 10.2.300.4, but are about to upgrade to 10.2.400 so will perhaps see how that works.

From what I can tell the context menu is just not available on the EWA version of MES but we’re currently getting around this by entering someone from the correct site’s credentials when the browser gives a security certificate warning.