Process MRP Failing

I have been becoming more and more familiar with SSMS and all the little tools and goodies. But I do not know how to force a good plan. I know how to check my plan. And I don’t know what will make a better plan than what I have…

I’ll try to do some screenshots. I’ve been meaning to.

Here you go. Pick a flavor:

Why is this step of MRP taking so long.pptx (690.4 KB)

Why is this step of MRP taking so long.pdf (651.8 KB)

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I cannot tell you the level of anticipation I have as I sit here waiting for SSMS to freaking launch already.

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PM me if you want to talk on the phone/Teams or whatever, if I need to explain anything.

So we didn’t have Query Store turned on. I enabled it… now I guess I wait…


Oh yeah, that’s something that was already on for me. I don’t know who to thank there, but someone here must have done that. Unless it’s a default.

I wouldn’t even know where that is. I’m sure it’s easily google-able.

Ugh, so now, yeah, you’d have to somehow rerun MRP in regen many times in order to build up that history.

Don’t know if this is a dumb idea?

Recently we had a domino effect where an order entered via WordPress / service connect, had a part with no partplant record for a new site, and it caused service connect to hang. Then MRP hung later, and after the part was fixed, MRP went from 2 hours to 4 hours, and then infinite as it started hanging too.

I went to check the log and found that the first log that gets updated every day, was a text file claiming to be 30gb. Not sure if that’s even possible but it crashed notepad trying to open it. The following 8 logs were equally huge, then there were about 20 of >100mb claimed size. The bad part had evidently caused projectile-vomit level log entries.

I started deleting them and it was estimating 15 hours; I used PowerShell instead and it took 2 minutes.

Then MRP ran in an hour!

It has been getting slower and slower, from 40min 2 years ago to 2 hours lately. It seems at least some of the log files get appended, and maybe simply opening them gets slower as they increase in size?

Thinking about PowerShell being fast, I wrote a script running on Task Scheduler to move each day’s logs to an archive folder, then delete them after an aging period in case I have to look them up, and email me a daily report. 2 weeks later MRP is still running in an hour.